Saturday, December 6, 2008

who knew?

I experienced a miracle just now.
I am at work. A woman just called because she received a catalog with a promotion code. She called to ask if that could be applied to her last order. I explained that at the time of the order the offer was not valid but would be happy to apply it as a one time courtesy... She then stated, "Oh, I don't want you to break any rules, please don't worry about it." She then went on merrily to place a new order. She didn't want to break any rules... what a gem. I happily took her order, applied the new discount promo AND waived her shipping just for fun! I was happy to do it. She was so nice and not pushy or bitchy. What a relief and so rare in what I experience on a day to day basis. Sad but true. To that woman in SC- thank you! Thank you for giving me a very bright spot in a very long and gloomy week! Happy Holidays! REALLY, I mean it.


The Nisbets said...

I wish you could have more experiences just like that! Love you!

goat said...

me to... it was truly a breath of fresh air

Princess Ty said...

I'm glad that made you happy, but it disturbs me too. It troubles me that this one pleasant, SC lady, out of millions, made you day by just being understanding. What does that say about people in generally? Just musing.