Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Holidays, NOT!

Hey Assholes!

I am talking to the stupid fuckers who refuse to read the promotion/sale rules. The rules that state clearly: This promotion does not apply to...
and will then list what the promo will not apply to. This may include previous orders and already discounted items.

Just because you are rich does not mean that the rules don't apply to YOU.

You obviously can read because you got the email. Why?!? Why do you have to push it.

If you can afford to by a $1200 pair of boots or necklace on a whim do you have to be such a fucktard about gettting it on sale 3 months later, or even 3 days later?

It was a sale with a limited time offer. YOU missed it. Get over it. And don't even use that excuse- "I wouldn't have bought it then if I had known it was going to be on sale." The majority of gits who tell me this order from us no less than 6 times a month and spend and average of $500 in each order.


And you yak dicks out there who call about having us stop sending you our catalog- I am not the one who put you on the list, I don't appreciate your abuse and anger. It was your own fucking fault for putting you name on a list somewhere.

All, let me say that again, ALL catalogs rent, sell and share names unless you specify that you don't want them to. Get over it. If you don't take the time to read then its your own fault- get off me!

OH! Just a quick note to all you last minute shoppers out there- waiting until the last minute and then ordering from a catalog costs more for you! And I, for one, have absolutely no sympathy for you. Do not try to talk me out of expedited shipping costs. It just isn't going to happen. Once again- shipping is a service.

Have lovely holiday season!


Anonymous said...

Fucktard is one of my favorite words, ever. Just thought I'd share.


goat said...

thanks for sharing. i am really kind of fond of it myself.