Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Here he is! My newest furry freind. His name as the title of this blog says is Eddie. He belongs to my roommates, April and Jason and is a pistol. He likes to watch t.v. and has a habit of barking at some programs. My understanding is that this certain trait did not begin until he watched the Olympics. I wasn't living here then and have to wonder why that event would inspire him to speak.

In the picture he is on my bed and he really didn't want his picture taken. Can you tell by what I think is a very disgruntled look on his face? It's like he is saying, "FINE"

Here he waiting for a treat. I am holding it in the hand that isn't holding the camera.

And here he is playing dead. I said "bang bang" and this is what happens. Funny how dignity goes all to hell when a treat is involved.

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