Monday, September 22, 2008

some time off

I have this week off at work. Taking the time off was a voluntary choice. It just happened to work out with my budget. Will the choice make me short in the future? Considerably, but temporarily. My rent will be paid, I have food and gas money to get me through. Not participating in a lot of other activities is, well, fine with me. I chose this time to be for me.

Its cliche, but at this time of year, things are getting ready for the long sleep of winter. The Dark Time. Its time for introspection and putting things in order. I have taken a little time off so that I may get myself in order before work turns into the mad rush of x-mas and demanding people. I want to put my world in order so that when I am exhausted I have a place of refuge. I am not just speaking of my physical place either.

This is a time of year where one needs to take stock of those things in one's life. What serves and what doesn't? Can you accept responsibility, or do you need a hand in doing so? Are you willing to pay the coin? Can you move aside your ego and ask for help? Be careful what you wish for... Not and admonishment but a suggestion to help clarify intent.

So, at this time of year, take a moment for yourself to take stock of your life. Take a good look at the things you feel are important to you. Re-evaluate, take stock and chuck the crap that doesn't serve you. Create that vacuum for the universe to abhor. Let things go so more things can come to you.

Happy Mabon!

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The Nisbets said...

I love fall. I wish you could afford to come and visit. We'd LOVE to do karaoke. Sounds like LOTS of fun!