Friday, September 26, 2008

Freedom, Entitlement, and Complacency

Now there's a lofty title. Freedom and Entitlement. The american people have the freedom to get a loan. They feel entitled to get as much as they can. They then get as much as they can whether or not it is wise to do so. They then have difficulties paying the payments and default on the loan(s). This has happened to millions of people in this country and it seems to me that then we want the government to clean it up, help us out... because, it wasn't our fault for not being responsible. The money was offered and boy howdy, we took it! YEEEEEEHAAAAWWWW!!!!!

In the current economic crisis, I really don't know who is to blame. I think we are all a part of a majorly messed up whole. We are all to blame. Having the government bale us out is one option. Is it the only option? I honestly do not know. I don't think we have been given a choice.

What I do know is that I am frightened of what is coming. Bale out or not, we are in for a good hard kick in the american ass on this one and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Remember that when you go to vote this November.

About that voting, wouldn't it be nice to have your vote count no matter where you lived? I think the electoral system should be abolished. I would really like my vote to be counted. I live in Utah. Its a RED state. I would say that I am not a republican or a democrat. I am registered as an independent. I don't like either candidate for president. I haven't for the past several elections. Its sad really. What is it going to take for the american people to stand up and say, "The lesser of two evils is no longer good enough! We want someone who is honest, ethical and responsible! Someone we can believe in!" Was it ever like that? Power and greed. The great corrupter of men. I feel so powerless.

Here is an interesting article.

Food for thought and have a nice day. I have to admit that I am finding it hard to make lemonade out of this and am open for suggestions.


The Nisbets said...'s a mess right now. A scary time to be in debt. Sigh... On a related subject, I was asked today to sing the National Anthem at a pre-debate rally on Tursday night. Mitt Romney will be here. Should be interesting.

The Nisbets said...

Tursday? Sheesh. Guess I was typing in my Irish accent again?

goat said...

so, quit stealing me lucky charms! oy!