Saturday, October 25, 2008

Is it really that important?

I get calls from customers that are upset about something with an order. They will rant on for a couple of minutes telling me how we screwed up and ruined little Jimmy's birthday because of this or that reason.
They make it sound like it is the end of the freaking world. I listen patiently, apologizing profusely and then when I ask them what the order number is they either have no idea or the said event was months ago. I then at that point have to wonder about all the auditory theatrics I have been listening to. If it was really that important, one would think you would have more of the details? If you wanted us to rectify it in some manner because it was so important, you would think you'd have that order number tattooed on you in plain sight. I mean, it was little Jimmy's birthday! He is your second cousin's best friend's nephew and he just turned 2! The end of the world is upon us and you can't waste you time in keeping this important information so you can call and have us refund you shipping costs or give you a discount. NO!

And when I finally locate the order, which was 3 months ago (but still, little jimmy, don't forget he was crushed) and then try to do my job you get pissy with me and tell me what a bad company we are. I just love it when customers heap abuse on me. Let me tell you, it really turns my crank.

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