Tuesday, November 11, 2008

no nO NOOOOO!!!!!

After the house sold, I paid you close to $5000 dollars of my half of the money. That was the last thing I
owed you. I paid it and then said I wanted no further contact with you.
I gave up my dogs. They are just dogs. I can tell myself that all I want. I gave them up so I didn't have to be anywhere near you.
I don't want to be contacted!
I don't want to come over to your vortex of shit and and watch the dogs that I am trying to not miss. If I wanted to see the dogs, I would come over and see them but the price is just to much! So don't call me and ask me to watch them because Lee has some family emergency. Sacrifice yourself. YOU don't have to go, you can watch them. I seriously considered doing it and asking for $1000 up front for the first week and $200 a day after that. Even though I REALLY need the money and it would feel so good getting some of that guilt pay off back from you, being anywhere near you or where you live is just not worth it to me. AND, there is a snarky little part of me that is really happy that you sounded so pathetic in the message you left almost begging me. I don't have to help you. I can finally say no to you with a clear conscience because I don't owe you a damn thing!!!! I am free.
So, don't contact me unless YOU are dying. Until that time (may it be soon you manipulative, money grubbing, shit magnet), DON'T FUCKING CALL ME!!!!


goat said...

okay its silly to comment on my own blog but i just get all warm and fuzzy inside every time i read this

karibates said...

Me too :) The first time I met you was the time that you brought Toni & Lee out for the 4th of July. And I hate to admit it, but I would have been ok to never see you again. And then when you came out without them and I got to see the real you, my gosh girl! You are the BEST! So glad that you dumped that trash!

goat said...

wow... thanks kari

Sarah said...

Wow....she must have done some bad stuff to you.