Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why do we let the fat cats rule?

An acquaintance of mine lost her job yesterday in the name of budget cuts.

I did not know this woman well. What I thought about her was that she was strong, independent and vocal about things she believed in. She felt passionate about where the company was headed and felt that she should speak up about it. I think she was let go to be silenced on top of "budget cuts". She was the only person to lose her job. Am I to believe that that solved the budget crisis? Well yes, I guess I am.

I have to wonder why the fat cats can't see their way into a reduction of salary, just for the time being until the economy turns around. What would be wrong with that? Executives all over the country could donate excess wages back to the labor pool and keep people employed. Is it unrealistic to think we should try to help one another? A voluntary stimulus package from corporate america.

And of course it is my fear of losing my job that keeps me from speaking out at work. Fear and the fact that as a bottom of the totem pole employee, I am not privy to all the facts.

I get a living wage and benefits. Good benefits. I call them golden handcuffs because to some extent that is what they are. I am lucky that I have health benefits. Maybe I would be more vocal if I feel I didn't have so much to lose or that there are scores of unemployed people out there who could easily replace me.

And in all honesty, I like my job. It isn't my ideal dream job but it is a good job and I work with good people. Amazingly good people. Up until I started working here I had no idea of what it was like to get positive feedback from a supervisor.

Anyway, I personally don't know the whole story of this woman who was fired. I do know that I will miss her.

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oh life... how tough it can be...
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